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Age 48 lived in Wotton-Under-Edge for 44 years.  Trained as an architect at South Bank University London Part time artist, designer and professional builder. I draw, paint all subject material but am most comfortable when painting landscape scenes. I often sketch my subjects in the landscape and finish from collected photos. Recently Life drawing and Still Life painting has become a way of pushing my style into different avenues and furthering creativity.  Artist influences would include the French School of Impressionism particularly Sisley, Monet, and the Hudson River School. English artists notably Graham Sutherland, Walter Sickert and Lucian Freud have impacted my Portrait and Life drawing style. While noting these influences, I practise with bold colour palettes and a free use of paint hoping to capture a unique moment in time from an ever-changing landscape, to convey the elemental and the un-tame in otherwise familiar scenes.

The landscape provides a stage or scene waiting for an element to act or react within or from it. The interaction of light, season, form and colour continuously play out within the landscape and capturing that particular moment is the inspiration behind my work. Emphasis in detailing the individual elements and components that collectively make a landscape is a key objective and by way of detail I hope to present an appreciation of nature and of our countryside for myself and everyone to enjoy.


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Paintings available at the Three Stories Gallery, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire – running from 7th Dec 2021 to 15th Jan 2022